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Manitoba Ag Days Inventor’s Showcase 2018

January 4, 2018


Brandon, MB –Thursday, January 4, 2018

Manitoba Ag Days Inventor’s Showcase

The Investor’s Showcase competition is always a show favorite for many patron’s and even exhibitors attending the show.  This year’s show features 14 entries. “It is inspiring to witness the ingenuity that is out there in our industry. Whether it is farmers like myself or companies, there are some amazing new inventions coming that will help improve productivity, safety and efficiency on the farm.” Stated Brad Crammond, Manitoba Ag Days Board Chair and Inventor’s Showcase judge.

If you are seeking to find the latest technologies or inventions that will assist in creating greater efficiencies in your farming operations be sure to stop by Barn 4 apart from last year’s second prize winner the Devloo Canola crusher who will be located in 305AIS Manitoba Room.  All entries will have black and red draping to signify their importance to the show. For more in-depth descriptions please visit

 2017 1st Place: Arnold Innovations: Combine Cylinder Reverser allows for the combines cylinder to be reversed using hydraulics and a custom engineered wrench.

2017 2nd Place: Devloo Canola Crusher: Devloo Canola Crusher A portable unites used to test for canola for green seeds.

FenceFast Ltd.:  STOCKADE ST400i Fence Stapler is the worlds first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler.

 The BinKnocker: A device to monitor product levels in metal bins safely and easily from the ground.

 Bushel Plus: A remote controlled drop pan system that attaches to any combine without wiring to measure combine losses.

Dave’s Welding Shop: The Bullet is a simple towable machine that pulls a steel “Bullet” to depths up to 5’ to create underground drainage tunnels.

GEM-L: The Wilson Pacesetter is equipped with AgriLite Converyor system providing farmers and operators with 4000 lbs / min filling capacity for air seeders, deep banders and spreadersThe conveyor can be easily removed to convert it back to a regular grain trailer.

 Prairie Grain Analysers: MA-404 is the first Canadian portable digital moisture analyzer with a built-in printer, WIFI connectivity, remote updates and data transfer capabilities.

Dugout to RO: converts surface ground water to a safe clean potable water with a 4-stage process for removal of harmful contaminants and pathogens without the use of salt, chemicals or chlorination.

ROGA Drone: The first company in Canada to receive a special flight operating certificate from Transport Canada for aerial application of pesticides by UAV. With speeds up to 110 kilometers per hour the productivity range is 300 to 500 hectors per day.

Copperhead Closing Wheel: The Copperhead Closing Wheel are invented by farmers and tested by farmers and are sure to produce the return on your seed investment.

 Soaring Eagle: The Ultimate Swing Drive Over auger is designed to drive over, swing from hopper to hopper, very low profile with 2.5 inches and transports the same as a swing auger.

Scher Gain: Invented by farmers to help farmers is a safe and easy way to measure combine losses with today’s big horsepower machines.

 Tide Industries:  Zero Spray is an innovative sprayer that mounts in minutes on various brands of Zero Radius Mowers on the market today.

Manitoba Ag Day’s strives to be at the forefront of new technology and would like to thank the following candidates for their efforts in bringing new technology to the industry.  The judges are going have fun learning about all the new inventions and a challenge to declare the winner of the 2018 Investor’s showcase!  Plan to stop by Barn 4 to see these great new inventions.

For a full description of products please go to

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