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  • AgDays 2021: January 19, 20 and 21 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Inventor’s Showcase

Be sure to check out exhibitors that will be showcasing their New Inventions at the 2019 show. They can be found by their signage identifying them as well as the listing in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the two exhibitors will be awarded First and Second Prize.

Triple Pass Welding

Booth 1820

Triple Pass Welding The Manitoba gate is the newest addition to my companies’ product line. Basically it is a pitless Texas gate. The inner frame is spring loaded which [...]

Silvertec Mfg. Inc.

Booth 1817

Silvertec Mfg. Inc. Silvertec Crop Protectors are lightweight, durable dividers that gently split crop in front of equipment tires, to protect it from being trampled. [...]

Northern Strands

Booth 1819

Northern Strands @N_Strands The Northern Strands patent pending Bin Safe System allows for safe bin climbing. Our fall protection system consists of an engineered [...]

Maple Grove Plastics

Booth 1823

Maple Grove Plastics The majority of farmers own a pickup truck, and many purchase a cover or top, supposedly to keep the box clean, and to be able to haul whatever [...]

Kirk Enterprises Ltd.

Booth 1824

Kirk Enterprises Ltd. The Pumpsetter Systems– An economical and user friendly slough pump deployment The components: A small trailer with a pump lifting winch and a [...]

Huber Ag Equipment

Booth 1705

Huber Ag Equipment – Booth 1705 Barn 3 @huberagequip Mixmate Fusion by Praxidyn measures by flow for automated mixing of bulk products and includes a specially designed [...]

Easy Bosse

Booth 1816

Easy Bosse The product is a hand held instrument made of medical grade stainless steel tubing. It has a bicycle grip handle attached to a contoured length of 1/2″ [...]

Duck Foot Inc.

Booth 1825

Duck Foot Inc. @duckfootsk The Duck Foot is an aftermarket upgrade tine made to fit MacDon headers.  It’s more aggressive design helps grain clear the cutter bar, [...]

Amazone / Mid-Plains Implements Ltd.

Booth 1829 - 1830

Amazone / Mid-Plains Implements Ltd. In the environment of increasingly complex machine technologies Amazone with the SmartService 4.0 uses the possibilities of the [...]

Dave’s Welding Shop

Booth 1826 and 1827

Dave’s Welding Shop A simple towable machine that pulls a large steel “Bullet” to depths as deep as 5′ to create underground drainage tunnels [...]

Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment Inc.

Booth 1821 and 1822

Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment Inc. @tim_penner @Soarindriveover The ultimate swinging drive over is an attachment for 13-16 inch augers and conveyors.  It also [...]


Booth 1818

ScherGain @schergain Our product has been developed as a safe, easy, and fast way to measure combine losses. With todays’ large horsepower combines many growers are [...]


Booth 1831 and 1838

Bushel Plus @BushelPlus BushelPlus is a remote-controlled drop pan system that attaches to any combine without wiring within seconds. The operator has the choice of two [...]


Booth 1823

Gem-L Inc. The Wilson Pacesetter equipped with the AgriLite conveyor system provides farmers and coops with a year round, time and money saving piece of [...]