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  • Ag Days 2020 : January 21, 22 and 23 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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2018 Recipients:

Community Improvement Local Community Infrastructure Upgrades & Improvements
Edwards Sports Centre $3000     Heartland Recreation Commission $2000

Agriculture and Heritage
Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies $5000

Community Improvement – Safety & Emergency Services
CASA – The Grain Safety Program $5000

Education and Leadership – Agricultural Youth Education
Agriculture in the Classroom -Manitoba $8000

ACC Diploma Scholarship – Braiden Setter-Shwaluk $1000

U of M’s Diploma Scholarship – Renate Jochum $1000

U of M’s Degree Scholarship – Kate Green $1000

2019 Application Process:

To submit your application for the 2019 show click the following link to download a fillable PDF application form for 2019. We will be accepting applications from January 1st until November 15th, 2018 for the 2019 Show.

Community Giving Program Application

Applications will be accepted online via email to: See below for more details.

Manitoba Ag Days is proud to announce we are “giving back”. At our 2013 show we introduced a 50/50 draw with half of the proceeds going to the winning ticket holder and the other half benefiting Agricultural related Charities. We are a not-for-profit organization and will continue to operate this way. Our show is 100% pure farm meaning 100% of our exhibitors are relevant to the agricultural industry. Being able to contribute to this industry has been a fantastic experience for us and we are excited to “PAY IT FORWARD” in Agriculture. Manitoba Ag Days takes great pride in helping other agricultural organizations in communities where our exhibitors and patron’s live.

Moving forward with the 50/50 draws in future shows, we will be giving organizations the opportunity to apply to be the recipients of the proceeds. Applicants are encouraged to apply between January 1st and November 15th each year. The following are the categories available and guidelines.

There are 2 separate categories:

1) Education and Leadership (up to $11,000 yearly)

    1. U of M Degree $1000 yearly
      (Applicants must apply through the U of M)
    2. U of M Diploma $1000 yearly
      (Applicants must apply through the U of M)
    3. ACC Diploma $1000 yearly
      (Applicants must apply through the Ag Days Gives Back Committee)
    4. Agricultural Youth Education $8000 yearly
      (Applicants must apply via email request to the Ag Days Gives Back Committee)

In order to apply for the Education and Leadership Scholarships – individuals must email their contact info and submit a 500 word essay on either of these topics

  1. Why do you want to be in the agricultural industry?
  2. Why do you attend Manitoba Ag Days?
  3. What could we as an organization do to improve Manitoba Ag Days?

In order to apply for the Education and Leadership Grant – organizations must contact the General Manager via email at:

2) Community Improvement  (up to $15,000 annually)

    1.  Local Community Infrastructure Upgrades and Improvements*
      This category would include such things as: community halls, arenas, rinks, playgrounds, ball diamonds, parks, walkways, gardens, etc…
      *Matching community dollars is a requirement
    2. Agriculture and Heritage
      This category would include such things as: agricultural related charities, historic monuments, fairs, organizations that work within agriculture, etc…
    3. Safety & Emergency Services
      This category would include such things as: air and ground transport services, support groups, call lines, organizations that work within agriculture, etc…
      (Applicants must apply to the Ag Days Gives Back Committee)

In order to apply for the Community Improvement component organizations must fill out the Manitoba Ag Days Community Giving Program Application form and return it with their supporting documentation.

Deadline to apply is November 15th each year.  Applications will be accepted online via email

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that Manitoba Ag Days receives their application.

All awards will be handed out at the Manitoba Ag Days show and each recipient MUST BE present to receive the monetary gifts.

Typically grants are not given to the following

  • Individuals (with the exception of Scholarships and Bursaries)
  • Religious or political organizations that promote a particular doctrine
  • Elected officials
  • Sports organizations and events (will support community infrastructure upgrades and improvements)
  • Marketing or advertising programs
  • Organizations where there is a conflict of interest with Manitoba Ag Days values