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2019 Farm Safety Features

January 16, 2019


Manitoba Ag Days is proud to announce that the 2019 Show will include 13 FARM SAFETY FEATURES!! “Safety is so very important in our everyday life on the farm. “The board wanted to highlight the importance of it by creating a Farm Safety Feature in 2017. Exhibitors can enter the feature by showcasing a product or a message that help educate and create a safer work environment on the farm. We continue to see this feature grow each year” Stated Brad Crammond, Manitoba Ag Days Co-Chair.  The following Farm Safety Features can be found around the show.

Bushel Plus – Booth # 1831 Barn 4

“The safest way to determine combine harvest loss & save yield. Instead of running beside a combine and throwing a pan underneath with the potential of falling and get driven over – we have the solution of a remote control drop pan system to catch and clean your grain loss sample in less than 5 minutes. Customers around the world have continued to comment on the efficiency and safety that our remote control drop pan and cleaning system provides them.”

 Eclipse Fire & Safety Ltd. – Booth #1302 MNP Hall

Safety is a team effort, let us be part of your team when it comes to your agricultural Fire and Safety supply needs.

Lakeshore Sales – Booth #1802 Barn 4

“The ChuteMax Remote Control Truck Chute Opener allows the operator to stand out of the dust and away from the auger while unloading grain. Fill your air drill from on top of the tank without the hurry and stress of rushing down the ladder. This easy to use remote controlled 12 volt system is a must have for today’s busy farming operation. ”

 Manitoba Farm Rural & Northern Support Services – Booth #1216 Westman Place Arena Concourse

Manitoba Farm Rural and Northern Support Services – Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. A recent study conducted by the U of Guelph revealed that 45% of Canadian farmers have high levels of stress, 58% met the criteria for anxiety, and 35% met the criteria for depression. Prolonged stress can take a toll on both your physical and mental health and contribute to lower productivity and even farm accidents. Stop by the Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services booth to learn ways to manage your stress and sign up for a free massage! Free, confidential telephone and on-line counselling. 1-866-367-3276

Manitoba Hydro – Booth #249 UCT Pavilion

Manitoba Hydro – During the past year in Manitoba there were over 150 reported incidents of farm equipment coming into contact with overhead power lines. Learn more about Manitoba Hydro’s farm safety programs to protect you and your family. You’ve got a lot on the line!

Never Spill Spout – Booth #402 City Square Exhibition Hall

 Full Bin Alarm-SAFTEY & Convenience *Never climb high Grain Bins *Never plug an Auger *Never overfill a Bin!  It is not just a FULL BIN ALARM, but also a complete Auger Spout with No Snag Spout and Nightlight!  Too many serious injuries and death occur every year by climbing high Grain Bins! We have more than 8000 sold. Most of the comments we get are: “I haven’t had to climb a bin in years”. From a SAFTEY perspective, Farmers using the Never Spill Spout will never have to climb High Bin Ladders to visually check grain levels!

Northern Strands – Booth 1819 Barn 4

Grain Bins are one of the most common accident locations on a farm. In 2015, there were 1,633 injuries in Saskatchewan alone from workplace falls. This is only the reported WCB number of falls, one can only imagine how high the real number of falls is. The Northern Strands Bin Safe System is a truly unique system in that there is nothing else available that has been engineered and pull tested in order to protect farmers, farm workers, and family members from a potentially life-threatening fall off of a grain bin.

Omnilyte – Booth 477 City Square Exhibition Hall

Help keep workers safe and rethink animal welfare management using ECA (Electro Chemical Activation) solutions. Envirolyte technology offers an organic, eco-friendly and cost-effective program that starts with water purification and continues right through barns, abattoirs and the field. These cleaning (Catholyte) and antimicrobial (Anolyte) solutions are produced only from salt, water, and electricity moving through a unique cylindrical cell. Generated on site and on demand eliminates procuring, storing and handling of dangerous chemicals while improving performance with less antibiotics.

 Raczynski Sales – Booth 420 City Square Exhibition Hall

The Tire Jogger is a skid steer attachment designed for making the job of changing High Clearance Sprayer tires much safer.  You can pick up a tire that is lying flat on the ground, lift it and rotate it to get it on the sprayer without even touching the tire.  All you will have to do is put the wheel bolts on and tighten them after.  It is also safer storing your extra set of tires lying flat in a shed then leaning them against a wall. 

 Redfern Farm Services – Booth #690 Brandon Curling Club

Farm safety is of the utmost importance to us at Redfern Farm Services.  We care about our employees, our customers, our distributors and our farm family.  From our family to yours, please remember to be careful!

Rostech Electronics – Booth #1131 Westman Place Arena Concourse

 RosTech® is a recognized leader in providing a complete line of surveillance and security solutions for all types of agriculture requirements. In focusing on our core market, we are a company that takes pride in understanding the needs of the agricultural market. Rostech designs it products with the purpose of providing a great customer experience. RosTech’s vison is to help farmers & ranchers in their day to day activities through wireless technology.

Salford Group – Booth 916 Kinsmen Arena

Here at Salford Group, we recognize that farm safety affects everyone in the agricultural industry. Safe equipment operation and other practices are important to the producers who use our products, the equipment dealers who sell our products, and to our staff who also farm or help on family farms. In recognition of the importance of farm safety awareness and associated practices, Salford has been a proud supporter of local farm safety initiatives – and we are honoured to add this Manitoba Ag Days Farm Safety Feature to that list.

 The Manitoba Farm Safety Program – Booth #249 UCT Pavilion

The Manitoba Farm Safety Program (FSP), provides safety resources, training and professional advisory services at no cost to help farmers understand their responsibility to the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health legislation. FSP is not a government department or a program of the government. It is a program administered by Keystone Agricultural producers (KAP), created to give farmers accessible, confidential services to prepare them for a visit from a safety officer and improve the overall safety on Manitoba farms. Every farmer – whether they employ workers, are 100% family, or a single person operation – are subject to the legislation and a visit from a safety officer at any time. FSP has the resources and expertise to ensure there are no surprises.

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