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The Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase 2021 entries prove that Agriculture never stops!

December 17, 2020

Brandon, MB – Thursday December 17, 2020

The Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase 2021 entries prove that Agriculture never stops!
Innovation is at the forefront in Agriculture and we wanted to maintain our momentum from the 2020 show with our Innovation Showcase in 2021! There are 7 categories that companies can enter their new product, item, service or invention into; Agronomics, Farm Safety, Agribusiness Services, Agricultural Equipment, Animal and Livestock, Ag Tech and Farm Built Solutions! This year we have 44 entries!!

Let me walk you through the competition. Each category will declare a winner and a runner up. The Winner receives $1000 cash from Manitoba Ag Days. $1000 in advertising from Glacier FarmMedia, A Winners Banner to display proudly in their business and a one minute promotional video with our videographer. They also become one of the finalists in the Innovation Showcase Grand Prize Competition as well as the Farmer’s Choice Grand Prize Competition. The runner-up receives $500 cash from Manitoba Ag Days and $500 in advertising from Glacier FarmMedia.
On January 4th, 2021 we will declare the 7 finalists and promote each of their entries across all of our platforms. Then from January 11th to 22nd 2021 producers will have the opportunity to be involved and vote for their favorite innovation at agdays.com/vote2021 Our Farmer’s Choice Grand Prize Champion will win $10,000.00 and our Overall Grand Prize Champion will win $15,000.00.

Manitoba Ag Days would like to thank Glacier FarmMedia for joining us as the Presenting Sponsor of the Innovation Showcase and we would like to highlight their brands.
Manitoba Cooperator sponsors the Agronomics Category
Grainews sponsors the Farm Safety Category
CountryGuide sponsors the Agribusiness Services Category
AGDealer sponsors the Agricultural Equipment Category
The Canadian Cattlemen sponsors the Animal and Livestock Category
Farmzilla sponsors the Ag Tech Category
The Western Producer sponsors the Farm Built Solutions Category
Visit https://www.agdays.com/innovations/ for more information on these exciting new technologies and innovations or below is a direct link to each companies page!

 More info can be found at:

Ag Business Services

AGI SureTrack      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/agi-suretrack/
AgvisorPro      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/agvisorpro/
GrainFox powered by FarmLink      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/grainfox/

Ag Equipment

Dutch Industries Seedmaster Inline System      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/seed-master-inline-seeing-system/
Flexxifinger Advanced Feeding System      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/flexxifinger-advanced-feeding-system/
Michel’s Industries Ultra Lift      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/ultra-lift/
NorBin Full-Floor Hopper Bin Aeration      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/full-floor-hopper-bin-aeration/
Pattison Liquid Systems Connect Sniper      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/sniper-by-pattison/
Redekop Manufacturing The Redekop Seed Control Units (SCU)      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/redekop-seed-control-unit-scu/
Thunderstruck Ag Equipment iPaddock – Typhoon      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/ipaddock-typhoon/
Vale Industries Ltd. Vale Grain Giant      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/vale-grain-giant-field-bin/
Wilger Industries Ltd. Combo-Rate II Boom End Flush Valve (CRIIBEFV)      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/quick-flange-sprayer-boom-parts/

Ag Tech

Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. BinStick      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/binstick/
Botterill Sales Agguide V6      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/agguide-by-precision-technologies/
Bushel Plus Smart Drop      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/smart-drop/
Metos Canada iMETOS MobiLab      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/imetos-mobilab/
Intelligent Agricultural Solutions Engage Spread Control      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/engage-spread-control/
Amazone AmaSelect      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/amaselect-row-amaselect-spot-with-drone-link-amaselect-curve-control/


Aberhart Ag Solutions ZMC-Grow      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/zmc-grow/
ATP Nutrition Ltd & Anuvia Plant Nutrients SymTRX      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/symtrx/
ATP Nutrition Ltd Synergo M2      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/synergro-m2/
BASF Canada Cimegra      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/cimegra/
BASF Canada TeraxxafF4      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/teraxxa-f4/
Bayer CropScience BUTEO start      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/buteo-start-canola-insecticide-seed-treatment/
Canadian Agronomics iQ Granular Starter      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/iq-granular-starter/
Koch Agronomic Services, LLC TRIBUNE       https://www.agdays.com/innovation/tribune-nitrogen-stabilizer/
Koch Agronomic Services, LLC ANVOL       https://www.agdays.com/innovation/anvol-nitrogen-stabilizer/
Maizex Seeds Inc. Virtual Plot Tour .com      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/virtual-plot-tour-com/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 19s006R2X      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-19s006r2x/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 22s002R2X      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-22s002r2x/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 61276RIB      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-61276rib/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 61177SRR      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-61177srr/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 62384RIB      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-62384rib/
Nutrien Ag Solutions / Proven Seed PV 62485RIB      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/pv-62485rib/
Overton Environmental Enterprises Inc. EcoTea      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/ecotea-seed-dressings-dry-and-liquid/

Animal and Livestock

Arrowquip Collapsible Cattle Tub      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/compact-collapsible-tub/
BinSentry BinSentry IoT Feed Monitor      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/binsentry-iot-feed-monitor-2/

Farm Built Solutions

Bar C Innovations Quick Pin Hitch Pin      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/quick-pin/
Triple Pass Welding Thistle Twister      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/thistle-twister/
Under The Hill Farms Ltd. Farm Built Sprayer Jack      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/farm-built-sprayer-jack/
Culross Commodities Ltd. Bin-brella      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/bin-brella/

Farm Safety

Invisible Fence Brand of Southern Manitoba Invisible Fence      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/gps-3-0-pet-containment/
The TireGrabber Reversible      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/the-tiregrabber-reversible/
FenceFast Serca Fence Strainer      https://www.agdays.com/innovation/serca-wire-fence-strainer-2/

For all media inquiries contact Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days General Manager at (204)728-4137 or Christine Roskos, Manitoba Ag Days Office Manager at (204)866-4400

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