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Manitoba Ag Days 2019 Inventor’s Showcase


Manitoba Ag Days 2019 Inventor’s Showcase

Manitoba Ag Days strives to put technology at the forefront with the Inventor’s Showcase competition.  “Agriculture is one of many industries that is advancing, growing and changing at light speed.  Farmers are being pushed to evolve and change or risk being left behind.  Our exhibitors are always pushing their limits, bringing in the newest and best products on the market.” stated Kristen Phillips, Show Manager. The annual Inventor’s Showcase competition is a main attraction for patron’s attending the show seeking to find the latest technologies or innovations that will assist in creating greater efficiencies in their farming operations.  This year’s show features 14 new inventions.  All entries will be in Barn 4 (plus one additional entry in Barn 3) and will be identified with red and black draping indicating they are a participant in the Inventor’s Showcase.  Judging takes place on Tuesday and the 1st and 2nd place winners will be announced on Wednesday morning at the show.

Our 2018 Winners will both be back at the show with upgrades to their inventions!

2018 1st Place Winner: Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment Inc.

An auger is designed to drive over, swing from hopper to hopper, very low profile with 2.5 inches and transports the same as a swing auger.


2018 2nd Place Winner: GEM-L  

The Wilson Pacesetter is equipped with AgriLite Conveyor system providing farmers and operators with 4000 lbs / min filling capacity for air seeders, deep banders and spreadersThe conveyor can be easily removed to convert it back to a regular grain trailer.


The 2019 entries include:


Amazone / Mid-Plains Implements Ltd.

SmartService 4.0 uses digital technology to help assist with training for technical repair and general maintenance services. Otherwise known as “The Eye in The Sky”.


Bushel Plus

The Bushel Plus is a remote-controlled drop pan system that attaches to any combine without wiring to measure combine losses.


Daves Welding Shop

The Bullet is a simple towable machine that pulls a steel “Bullet” to depths up to 5’ to create underground drainage tunnels.


Duck Foot Inc.

The Duck Foot is an aftermarket upgrade tine made to fit MacDon headers.  Its more aggressive design helps grain clear the cutter bar, allowing for better threshing and increased ground speed.


Easy Bosse

Easy Bosse is a hand-held instrument to be inserted into the mouth and esophagus of cows and calves to chew on providing a calming affect while under going routine procedures.


Huber Ag Equipment (located in Barn 3 Booth #1705)

Mixmate Fusion by Praxidyn measures by flow for automated mixing of liquid and dry products in jug and bulk containers. It includes a specially designed high flow inductor measuring by weight in one compact unit which is pre-calibrated. Mixmate Fusion can process a jug in about 12 seconds.


Kirk Enterprises Ltd.

The Pumpsetter – An economical and user-friendly slough pump deployment with several different set up options.


Maple Grove Plastics

The pickup truck box cover that diverts the pressurized air from the cab to produce a positive pressure inside the box thus preventing most of the dust from being sucked in keeping the box immaculate.


Northern Strands

The Northern Strands patent pending Bin Safe System allows for safe bin climbing with out being harnessed. Our fall protection system consists of an engineered anchor adhered to the top of the bin, a wire rope, a fall protection harness, and rope grab.



ScherGain is a safe and easy way to measure combine losses with today’s big horsepower machines. The most money you can make per hour farming may be properly setting your combine. Invented to help farmers by farmers.


Silvertec Mfg. Inc.

Silvertec Crop Protectors are lightweight, durable dividers that gently split crop in front of equipment tires, to protect it from being trampled.


Triple Pass Welding

The Manitoba gate is a pitless Texas gate. The inner frame is spring loaded which presses against the ground when driven onto then pops back up once the vehicle passes.


Manitoba Ag Day’s would like to thank the following candidates for their efforts in bringing new technology to the industry. Plan to stop by Barn 4 (and 3) to see these great new inventions, the judges are going to have a tough time declaring the winners this year.


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For more information regarding Manitoba Ag Days visit for all media inquiries contact:


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Kristen Phillips Manitoba Ag Days General Manager

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