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Manitoba Ag Days 2019 New Products



New Products at Manitoba Ag Days

Manitoba Ag Days is a premier agricultural trade show with success attributed to keeping the show current and showcasing the many new products that have been developed to advance the agriculture industry.  Exhibitors who opt to participate in this feature will have signage to highlight their NEW PRODUCT for the 2019 show. This year 14 companies will feature 19 new products all with a chance of winning the “2019 Best New Product” title. 

Winner of the Best New Product 2018 was CropPro Consulting with their SWAP MAPS / SWATBOX SWATMAPS which is a variable rate seed and fertilizer prescription service based on soil, water and topography data along with collecting soil electrical conductivity data.

 The New Product entries for 2019 include:

BERG’S PREP & PAINT (Booth 1533A Barn 1)

The Berg’s Manure/ Silage box combines strength and design for its purpose. This new combination box allows Dairy Farms and Ranchers to purchase one box for 2 purposes.

 COPPERHEAD AG (Booth 1837 Barn 4)

The Copperhead Concave System utilizes notched bars for restricted flow. With the Copperhead Concave System, you can thresh in any crop, condition, have cleaner samples, decrease field time, and stop rotor loss.


NEW! Rezuvant™ Herbicide – Leading Group 1 performance on wild oats, barnyard grass and more with unparalleled control of cleavers, hemp-nettle, kochia and many other tough broadleaf weeds in barley.


NEW! Lumisena™ Fungicide Seed Treatment enhances vigor, improves soybean plant stand and provides the best phytophthora protection for soybeans with a new class of chemistry for improved above and below ground disease control. 


NEW! Brevant™ seeds B0066L1 Soybean Variety* is a new mid-to-late maturity soybean with excellent yield potential, phytophthora tolerance and has resistance to soybean cyst nematode. (*Pending registration)


NEW! Brevant ™ seeds B3010M Canola Hybrid with the LibertyLink® Trait* is a new Liberty Link canola hybrid with powerful clubroot resistance, plus strong standability giving you flexibility at harvest. (*Pending trait approvals in relevant export countries)


Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB) is an environmentally friendly dust control solution developed to replace corrosive chloride products while reducing maintenance costs and improving engineering properties of the site materials. 

 HERCULES HEATERS CANADA (Booth 1721 / 1722 Barn 3)

Haaga Canada -Triple Brush System Sweeper Sweeps wet & dry leaves. Maintenance free motor and battery. Light weight for easy use. Stand up storage design. Sweeper can be used without power. Batter run time 90 – 120 minutes.

 INTRAGRAIN TECHNOLOGIES INC. (Booth 227 / 228 UCT Pavilion)

Fuel Lock™ is a system that locks your fuel. View usage and monitors every drop by suing the “Fuel Lock app™”. You will know every time your fuel is accessed, by who and time. Just punch in your Pin, fuel up and go!

MORRIS INDUSTRIES LTD. (Booth 303 Manitoba Room)

The Quantum air drill applies new manufacturing technology, techniques and relentless engineering and testing to create a brand-new seeding tool. Industry leading flotation, frame strength, air distribution and seeding accuracy are just a few of the many innovations it brings to the market.

 MTZ EQUIPMENT – BELARUS MADE TRACTORS (Booth 1030 – 1033 Westoba Place) 

The MTs K744 tractor with 435 hp Mercedes Engine, up to 10,000 hours /7 years warranty. Most fuel-efficient engine 16 x 8 (4 range) power shift.  74 gpm hydraulics. Autosteer ready. 3 pt Hitch included. 11,000 lb drawbar. Air ride cab.

PENTAIR – HYPRO (Booth 1430 Westoba Ag Centre Concourse)

The Express™ Flush Valve allows for easy chemical and air removal in the spray boom, flushing each valve in 5 seconds vs 1 minute. The flushing valve comes pre-assembled with the Express™ End Cap and is retrofit-able to all Hypro Express™ End Caps sold. 

PIONEER HI-BRED (Booth 663 Brandon Curling Club)

NEW! Pioneer® brand P006A37X is a new high performing RR2X soybean variety that provides the additional option for controlling hard-to-kill weeds such as kochia and wild buckwheat.

PIONEER HI-BRED (Booth 663A Brandon Curling Club)

NEW! Pioneer® brand P7455R Corn Hybrid is a new grain corn hybrid for Manitoba with very good test weight scores, excellent stalk and root strength to improve standability at harvest.

 PIONEER HI-BRED (Booth 663A Brandon Curling Club)

NEW! Pioneer® brand P501L Canola Hybrid with the LibertyLink® Trait* is a new canola hybrid with the LibertyLink® trait delivering an optimized yield and performance package.  (*Pending trait approvals in relevant export countries)

 PREMIUM POWER PACKS (Booth 104A Main Street)

Boost anything with a Battery!!! From Quads to semis, these small 2 lb lithium booster packs are NEW to Canada and will blow your mind with what they can do. Charge all your electronics and pump up tires!

RE-GEN AG SOLUTIONS (Booth 246 UCT Pavilion)

Introducing our Specialty Tine Harrow with a Cover Crop Seeder on it. The harrow would be used as a form of mechanical weeding or a way to incorporate cover crops.

 TAURUS AG MARKETING (Booth 688 Brandon Curling Club)

SUL4R-PLUS® is a controlled release granular sulfate product that provides season long availability for your crops.

WILGER INDUSTRIES LTD. (Booth 1456A Westoba Ag Centre Concourse)

The Wilger Electronic Flow Monitoring system uses a patent jet system that can provide more accurate rate information and blockage detection on any liquid application. Up to 3 different products can be monitored.

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