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Matthew Johnson


Matthew Johnson is the owner of M3 Aerial Productions, a Winnipeg-based aerial imaging company that utilizes UAVs (drones) to gather data for precision agriculture, and other applications.

As a service provider, M3 Aerial Productions uses fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs for investigative, and forensic data gathering of crops. This aerial data can be interpreted and processed by various software applications in order to provide NDVI crop health analysis maps, digital elevation models, 3D volumetric calculations, and a number of other functions.

Matthew has served in the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserves for 8 years, currently holding the rank of Captain, and has taught high school mathematics for ongoing 5 years in Manitoba. He studied at the University of Manitoba from 2003-2011, acquiring three degrees in Geography, Physical Education, and Education.

M3 Aerial’s service territory has expanded since 2015 to include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Atlantic Provinces.

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