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Manitoba Ag Days Inventors Showcase 1st Place


2017 Inventor’s Showcase Awards

The annual Investor’s Showcase features 17 new inventions and 17 new products. “It has been extremely challenging to declare a winner” stated Dave Laudin, Judge and Board Co – Chair.  “We encourage everyone to take time to have a look at these great New Inventions and understand how they can positively impact their farming operation.”  said Brad Crammond, Co-Chair Manitoba Ag Days.

This year’s show topped the number of new inventions and new products. Manitoba Ag Day’s strives to be at the forefront of new technology and would like to thank the following candidates for their efforts in bringing new technology to the industry.

First Place 

Arnold Innovations: Combine Cylinder ReverserLocated in Barn 4

Our product allows for the combines cylinder to be reversed using hydraulics and a custom engineered wrench, which when not in use conveniently stores in its own harness attached to your combine.

Pictured Above: (L-R) Dave Laudin MB Ag Days Co-Chair, Gord Gilmour (FBC) , Doug Arnold (Managing Partner), Richard Arnold (Research & Development Partner), Blake Nesitbo MB Ag Days Board Member  Front: Annette Arnold

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