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  • AgDays 2022: January 18, 19 and 20 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Innovation Showcase

Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Categores

Manitoba Ag Days is a premier agricultural trade show with success attributed to keeping the show current, relevant and informative.

Our exhibitors continue to showcase the newest technology, innovations and products year in and year out! In order to qualify for this feature the new innovation must be approved by Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Committee. It must unique and new to the Manitoba market. A priority will be placed on innovations that are unique or significantly different from products that are currently available in the marketplace. Be sure to check out all of the exhibitors in our Innovation Showcase in 2021.  Read more about the Innovation Showcase and the available categories here. 



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The MeterVeyor is a patented metering device for grain hopper bins. Its purpose is to control the flow of grain to accurately meter out required load sizes or to [...]

Ag Tech

A web-based app combined with bin instrumentation that gives any aeration bin the feel of a built for purpose grain drying system. The farmer can access hourly [...]

Farm Built Solutions

Duck Foot

1711 & 1712

The Duck Foot is a quick attach paddle that slides over the existing tine on a header. It helps clear the cutter bar, decreasing header loss and feeds the combine more [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The new AFS Connect Magnum, built on our legendary Magnum platform, has technology embedded in the completely redesigned cab featuring our new AFS 1200 monitor and AFS [...]



616 & 617

CENTURO works by slowing the conversion of ammonium to nitrate and can hold the nitrogen in the ammonium form three times longer than without an inhibitor, opening the [...]


652, 652A, 653 and 673

The NutriScan is a diagnostic real-time technology that monitors the nutrient status of the soil. – Determines general soil properties, macro and micronutrients [...]

Crystal Green

687 & 688

Crystal Green is sustainably recovered phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium in one powerful slow release granule (5-28-0-10Mg). Backed by more than 8 years of university [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Wind Control and Argus Twin smart combined. For Automatic matching of the optimum lateral distribution of Granular Fertilizer....

Bindapt + is an intelligent heater solution with integrated real-time data monitoring. Bindapt + is the smartest way to dry your grain yourself. The system is [...]


ALPINE F18 Max™ a new and improved foliar nutritional product, comprised of essential plant nutrients, fully chelated micronutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents, [...]

Ag Tech

Recon SpreadSense® is the industry’s first blockage monitor for floaters. The acoustic sensors listen to the material flow. The sound pulses travel through auditory [...]

Engage® Zone Control was custom designed and built for John Deere 1910 Air Carts to save on input costs. The section control system can be retrofitted to the existing [...]

Animal and Livestock

The Serca Fence strainer is the EASIEST to use wire fence straining tool. Safety rated chain tensioning tool with integrated wire gauge and spring loaded wire grips [...]

The TireGrabber

1824 & 1825

The TireGrabber is a unique invention designed to easily attach to any existing hydraulic system and provide a user friendly method of safely and efficiently handling [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Semi auto toter, for filling totes (bulk bags) with grains. Reduced labor, tote (bag) densification, auto controls in feed, adjustability, customization, flexability, [...]

Ag Tech

Directed Scouting from Granular Insights allows farmers to identify at-risk fields faster and protect yield by delivering actionable insights. Fields most in need of [...]

Combyne is an online network of grain buyers and sellers through which you can create a personalized Marketplace of both your trusted trading partners and the local [...]

Ag Tech

Mobile App compliments the Bushel Plus System. Ability to calcualte your harvest loss/ac within seconds, save your results, machine settings & crop conditions. [...]


The Spornado is a simple passive spore catcher & is placed in the field and traps airborne spores on a specialized filter cassette. Spornado testing currently [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The Boomerang Chaff Cart is a new machine designed to address the needs of Canadian livestock producers. It captures chaff to use as a feed source, either in field, or [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Texas Refinery Corp has developed a cold weather grease that will pump and perform below -40°C as an NLGI #2 grade grease and performs equally as well during the summer [...]

Move dirt fast and efficiently with the new TerraFormer 8650. Its industrial design boosts state of the art engineering and manufacturing technology. With the [...]

Sabre Clamp

1801 & 1802

The AIRGUARD Sabre Clamp is the ultimate clamping system to ensure that your air seeder hoses stay where they should be. Our patented technology uses teeth to bite into [...]

Gallagher’s latest range of fence energizers has taken flexibility to a new level, giving producers three options when it comes to powering their units: 110v/plug-in, [...]


1836 & 1843

Agrirepel is an additive in bale and silage wrap. It is the only all-natural bird, raccoon and rodent repellent plastic storage film in the world. Agrirepel saves [...]

Setter Manufacturing Division is please to carry Northern Strands patent pending fall protection system.  It is a cutting edge product designed to protect [...]