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  • Ag Days 2020 : January 21, 22 and 23 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Farm Safety Feature – share your safety message

Farm Safety is extremely important to our show and we want to encourage and promote anyone who is sharing a safety message at their booth.

New at the 2017 we opened this feature up to all exhibitors. If you have something you would like to highlight at our 2018 show in your booth that truly signifies FARM SAFETY then we would like to sign it for you.

Exhibitors may opt to pay a fee of $75 to participate in this feature (in addition to their regular display fees).

Manitoba Ag Days will provide the exhibitor with a 2018 Farm Safety Feature Sign. Exhibitors may then use the sign to display at their booth. Exhibitors participating in this feature will also receive a special listing in the show guide. All products that qualify will be considered for judging for the Best Farm Safety Feature at the 2018 Show.