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  • AgDays 2021: January 19, 20 and 21 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Help Us Mark an Important Milestone!

40th Anniversary Celebration

What an incredible show! Thank you for helping us celebrate this milestone.

40 years of Ag Show Excellence!

team-photoThe AgDays Board of Directors, celebrating a homerun! 40 years strong!




More space

Ag Days 2017 was our biggest ever – we added over 19,000 square feet of additional display space.

40th Anniversary Memorabilia contest

We encouraged every exhibitor to bring something nostalgic and have it on display in their booth. Many exhibitors participated!

The top 3 winners all choose to donate their winnings to a local charity so Manitoba Ag Days matched their contributions.
1st Place went to Versatile. They brought the 40 year old tractor – BIG ROY – They donated $1000 to the Manitoba Ag Museum and Manitoba Ag Days matched this contribution and gave $1000 as well, therefore the Manitoba Ag Museum received $2000.00.
2nd Place went to Ellis Seeds. They brought a 1899 Weed ID Guide; a perfect item to showcase since Manitoba Ag Days actually started out as the Weed Fair 40 years ago. They donated $500 to Agriculture in the Classroom – Manitoba and Manitoba Ag Days matched this contribution and gave $500 as well, therefore Ag In The Classroom received $1000.00.
3rd Place went to One Step Automation. They brought an old grain cleaner that was used to separate weed seeds from grain in the 1800’s. They donated $250 to the Canadian Food Grains Bank and Manitoba Ag Days matched this contribution and gave $250 as well, therefore the Canadian Food Grains Bank received $500.00.

Thank you to all the exhibitors who participated; you really helped to make our 40th Anniversary one to remember. We appreciate all of the time, money, planning and execution that was put into the Nostalgia Competition!

We would also like to thank every patron, exhibitor and guest who participated in the Nostlgia Competition. There was lots of old hats, and shirts and jackets at the show this year. Not to mention overalls, coveralls, snowsuits and coffee mugs. We hope that we saw you and that we got a picture of your attire. We will be producing a short video to commemorate the competition. Please enjoy the 40th Anniversary Gloves – we wonder how many of them will still be around in another 40 years?!?