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What is YOUR limiting factor?

11:30 am Wednesday, January 22

MNP Theatre

All plants require 17 essential nutrients (primary, secondary, micro) for maximum growth and development. Nutrient uptake and amounts required vary based on plant species, nutrient solubility, crop yield goals, and environment. Applying too much of one nutrient may affect the plants’ ability to fully utilize another nutrient, thereby effecting balance within the plant. Growers typically take care of nitrogen requirements followed closely by phosphorus, but tend to neglect many of the other required nutrients (potassium, micros). Nutrient balance can be achieved through careful consideration and analysis of soil and tissue tests, fertility programs (pre-plant, at-planting, in-season), fertilizer materials used, and targeted yield goals. Understanding these factors coupled with successful implementation can result in realized maximum genetic potential for crop in your farming operations.