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  • AgDays 2021: January 19, 20 and 21 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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We’ve got an App for that!

9:45 am Wednesday, January 23

MNP Theatre

Photo of Rob Sharkey


In a world where we, as farmers and ranchers, must continually do more with less, apps can make our lives as farmers more efficient. With nearly 1,300 new apps released to iTunes and Google Play every day, which ones should take up real estate on our smartphones? Rob Sharkey, an Illinois grain farmer, outfitter and host of a weekly podcast and Sirius XM radio show, is sharing his go-to apps, which, naturally, have gone through his heavily-vetted trial and error process. During this presentation, Rob, who is unwavering in his ability to directly address controversial topics, will intertwine his take on the current state of the agricultural industry with his top-shelf expertise on ag-centric apps.