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  • AgDays 2019: January 22, 23 and 24 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Pushing the Crops Genetic Potential – Agronomic Practices to Make it Pay

9:45 am Tuesday, January 16

MNP Theatre



Jarrett will highlight key management practices required to hit their yields of 91 and 94 bushel per acre on canola and yellow peas, respectively. Currently, the average Canadian yield for a canola and pea crop are close to 36 and 40 bushels per acre. This is only 50% of the yield when compared to some other countries and is definitely not even close to these crops maximum genetic yield potential. Jarrett will focus on the agronomics of growing 90+ bushel per acre crop and will bring insights into different ways in achieving this, along with different sampling techniques to better understand the health of the plant.  There will be emphasis on the importance and ultimately the impact of correct and proactive nutrient management has on the crop. This is a must see seminar to be engaged into how proper plant nutrition can bring a crop closer to its genetic yield potential.