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NutriScan – Real Time Soil Diagnostics has Arrived

9:30 am Wednesday, January 22

MNP Theatre


Only 19% of the fields in Western Canada are being soil tested on an annual basis. Why is this number so low? Market research shows there are a few contributing factors, including the ease of conducting a soil test, the expense associated with thorough testing, a lack of time, and the difficulty of turning data into actions. Agtech is changing the paradigm of soil testing and increasing the number of samples being taken. There is now an in-field, real-time soil tester coming to the market in 2020, and it has been calibrated for Western Canadian soils. NutriScan uses proven sensor technology combined with artificial intelligence learning. NutriScan not only measures N, P and K, but also soil physical properties like pH, CEC, and organic carbon, along with intermediate nutrients (Ca, Mg and S) and the full line of micronutrients—all of this in the field in 10 minutes.