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Nitrogen Management for High Yielding Spring Wheat in Manitoba

1:00 pm Tuesday, January 16

FCC Theatre



  • Amy Mangin
    PhD student in Dept of Plant Science , University of Manitoba

High yielding spring wheat varieties being grown in Manitoba, along with improved agronomic practices, have challenged our traditional nitrogen (N) fertilization strategies. The main objective of this project was to determine appropriate nitrogen rates, timings and sources to maximize yield and protein levels in two varieties of spring wheat commonly grown in Manitoba:  AAC Brandon (CWRS) and Prosper (CNHR). A summary of results will be presented for trials conducted across Manitoba during the 2016 and 2017 growing seasons. Rates of N applied entirely in the spring (urea and/or ESN), as well as in split N applications (combinations of spring and either stem elongation or flag leaf) were evaluated. Post anthesis, foliar applications of UAN and urea solution were also investigated.  A number of tools for midseason evaluation of yield and protein sufficiency during the growing season were examined including, GreenSeeker, SPAD meter, tissue tests, and soil testing.