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Mother Nature the Silent Storm in the Markets

1:00 pm Thursday, January 24

FCC Theatre

Photo of Bruce Burnett


  • Bruce Burnett
    Director Markets and Weather, MarketsFarm - Glacier Farm Meida

With all of the market focus on the Trump trade issues, weather quietly became the sleeper issue for the 2018-19 crop year. The Black Sea region and Europe sizzled under spring and summer heat, which reduced winter cereal and oilseed crops. Drought in the U.S. Southern Plains reduced U.S. wheat production. At the same time, nearby ideal weather in the corn belt resulted in record corn and soybean yields. A second consecutive year of hot, dry growing conditions on the southern Prairies hurt grain and oilseed production in Canada. What are the weather factors to look at in marketing the 2019 crop? Bruce will go over the current global conditions and highlight the critical regions that need to be monitored to effectively market your crop during the 2019-20 crop year.