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Fusarium Damaged Grains…Options

2:15 pm Wednesday, January 17

MNP Theatre

Rex Newkirk


What is the most efficient and cost effective method to recover high quality grain from your fusarium infected wheat and barley?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?  The objective of this presentation is to explore cleaning, sorting and processing options to recover value from your infected wheat, durum and barley.  Cleaning processes to remove the most infected samples is the starting point for all processes and in some cases will achieve your goals.  However, if you need to meet the very tight standards for Vomitoxin for Barley for Malt or Wheat and Durum for the milling industry, additional processing technology is required.  This presentation will explore and discuss each of these technologies including, density separation, optical sorting and Near Infrared sorting using the BoMill.  Come and discover for yourself which technology can recover the maximum value from your infected crops.