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  • AgDays 2019: January 22, 23 and 24 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Feeling “Down” On The Farm

3:40 pm Tuesday, January 16

MNP Theatre



There is considerable evidence to support the stereotype of farmers and farm families as being tough and resourceful. There is also considerable evidence that stress, anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion and burnout are higher among farmers and farm families than among other populations. It is possible to experience both sides of this coin at the same time: to be tough and resourceful as well as experiencing a mental health concern. Farm people learn from an early age to put on a brave face and work through their problems. It is one of the many characteristics that make farmers successful. But, it can also mean that farmers are less likely to acknowledge they are struggling, and to seek help when they need it. It takes courage to talk about mental health. It all starts with learning more about what mental health is, and the signs that you or your loved one might be struggling. It means reaching out for support when and if you need it. Join the discussion to tap into the resourcefulness of farmers and farm families and build the conversation about mental health and impacts on our farming communities.