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Farming Re-Imagined: Dot Autonomous Power Platform

3:30 pm Wednesday, January 17

MNP Theatre



  • Trent Meyer
    Executive Vice President, Dot Technology Corp

Imagine a different way. Autonomous cars will soon be driving the streets of the world; these cars can guide themselves without a human conducting any operations. In agriculture, standardized autonomous ‘power units’ have the ability to complete limitless tasks for farmers while freeing their time for other work. The DOT Power Platform is a mobile diesel-powered platform designed to handle a large variety of implements commonly used in agriculture, mining and construction. Its U-shaped frame facilitates the direct loading of implements, so that, once loaded, the implement “becomes one” with the mobile powered platform. DOT’s short- and long-range sensors make the power platform more accurate and attentive than any human. DOT constantly updates itself with images of the physical world around itself and processes the data at lightning speed. Working for farmers, DOT completes tasks remotely and autonomously and enables farmers to spend more of their time focusing on the overall operation of their farms. Or in other words, we are re-imagining how farming can be done from the ground up.