• AgDays 2022: January 18, 19 and 20 - 9am to 5pm Daily


Clearing the Confusion on Biostimulants

9:00 am Wednesday, January 22

MNP Theatre


Microbes, hormones, seaweeds, metabolites, enzymes, amino acids, plant extracts, humic acids… the list goes on and on in the arena of biostimulants. Your head spins when you hear all these terminologies. This anxiety is magnified when the marketing around these products has them “solving all of your cropping concerns.” This seminar will help organize and simplify the clutter in this space. You will learn why you would consider using a biostimulant, how to use one, when to use one, how to choose one over another, and ultimately what to expect from the results. Come learn how to properly use these valuable technologies and how they can integrate with your existing operation.