• AgDays 2022: January 18, 19 and 20 - 9am to 5pm Daily


Biological Stimulants 101

11:59 am Wednesday, January 22

MNP Theatre


  • Scott Walker
    Research and Deveolpement Coordinator, DSW Enterprises and Consulting

Scott will discuss the world perspective and definition of biological and Biological stimulants and their effects and use in agriculture. He will outline briefly what he has researched across western Canada, both at his independent replicated trial research sites and through ground proofing on the farm. He will discuss how this can be properly addressed and assessed, using one biological product and one biological stimulant product as examples to show how these material can be successfully and properly introduced and used at the farm production level. Scott will have just returned from the 4th world congress on biologicals held in Barcelona, Spain in November 2019 and will share any insights he gained from that conference.