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  • Agdays 2018: January 16, 17 and 18 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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New Products

Be sure to check out exhibitors that will be showcasing their New Inventions at the 2017 show. They can be found by their signage identifying them as well as the listing in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the two exhibitors will be awarded First and Second Prize.

LED Flood Light

Booth 490

Brownlee Trucking

Booth 490 City Square Exhibition Hall

This LED Flood Light will illuminate the hopper on your swing auger from the truck as you approach. FOB or manual control with automatic shut off. Also converts your Brandt or Meridian lights to wireless. No more climbing in and out of your truck to position your swing auger.

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The Heavy Equipment Jack (HEJ)

Booth 433

Eastwood Products Booth 433 City Square Exhibition Hall HEJ – The Heavy Equipment Jack is designed to address the evolution of agricultural and industrial equipment. [...]


Booth 801

Setter Manufacturing Booth 801 Enns Brothers Arena DRYLOBAG is a grain storage system that aids in drying and aerating grain. A fan pumps controlled air into the [...]

LED Flood Light

Booth 490

Brownlee Trucking Booth 490 City Square Exhibition Hall This LED Flood Light will illuminate the hopper on your swing auger from the truck as you approach. FOB or [...]

Fenix III Meter

Booth 306 and 307

Seed Hawk Booth 306 and 307 Manitoba Room Fenix III Meter: Seed Hawk Seeding Systems now feature Väderstad’s Fenix III Meter – the world’s most advanced metering [...]

WIFI Instant Read Probe

Booth 1139 and 1140

Dimo’s Labtronics Booth 1139 and 1140 Westman Place Arena Concourse INSTANT temperature readings displayed directly on ANY Smart Phone. This probe is 9’ long with a [...]

The Hypro Duo React

Booth 1413 and 1414

Hypro Booth 1413 and 1414 Westoba Concourse Duo React – The Hypro Duo React is a dual port nozzle body that simplifies operation by allowing either or both [...]

(DAS) Diffuser Aeration System

Booth 1110

Novid Inc. Booth 1110 Westman Place Arena Concourse Novid Inc. is proud to announce their new (DAS) Diffuser Aeration System. DAS safely and efficiently pumps air [...]


Booth 616

ShurGro Booth 616 Brandon Curling Club Generate® the proven Microbial Catalyst™ by Agnition.  By stimulating the microbial activity in your soils, Generate liberates [...]

Command® 360ME

Booth 695

FMC Booth 695 Brandon Curling Club Command® 360ME is a group 13, soil applied, pre-emergent residual herbicide that provides early control of cleavers before any canola [...]

Wolverine Bale Shredder

Booth 1011 and 1012

Dynamic Ditchers Booth 1011 and 1012 Westman Place Arena Dynamic Ditchers is now also the proud manufacturer of the new Wolverine Bale Shredder! Bale shredders help [...]

FarmLens™ data processing service

Booth 1122

Committed Ag Supply Booth 1122 Westman Place Arena Our solutions are designed to deliver real value for farmers — reducing crop inputs, boosting yields, and increasing [...]


Booth 1018 and 1019

BEST Environmental Technology Booth 1018 and 1019 Westman Place Arena TM-Agricultural is a proprietary formulation that is applied to the plant and the soil’s existing [...]

Dash Delivery System

Booth 808

PhiBer Manufacturing Inc. Booth 808 Enns Brothers Arena The Dash Delivery System can increase sprayer productivity by significantly reducing fill times. The operator is [...]


Booth 308

Free Form Plastic Products Booth 308 Manitoba Room Introducing the new cutting-edge way of mixing and blending your chemicals for your agricultural needs.  The CHEMBINE [...]

Tunable Tower

Booth 312

SeedMaster Booth 312 Manitoba Room SeedMaster’s new Tunable Tower offers farmers new access to metering and distribution data and a way to respond to it.  Another [...]


Booth 1528 and 1529 and 1530

AirLiquide Booth 1528, 1529 and 1530 Barn 1 Introducing the new ALBEE TM: The Safe and Simple Solution.  It is more economical, you get more gas, more pressure and it [...]

LEGEND Section Aware Module

Booth 1215

Agtron Enterprises Ltd. Booth 1215 Westman Place Arena Concourse The Legend S.A. Module – applying too much seed or too little seed or fertilizer can be a costly [...]