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  • AgDays 2019: January 22, 23 and 24 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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New Products

Be sure to check out exhibitors that will be showcasing their New Inventions at the 2019 show. They can be found by their signage identifying them as well as the listing in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the two exhibitors will be awarded First and Second Prize.


Booth 613 to 615

Authority Supreme is a soil applied, pre-emergent that combines two modes of action for extended control of tough to kill grass and broadleaf weeds.

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Capstan Ag Systems Inc.

Booth 1624 to 1626

Seed-Squirter® – Applying an accurate dose for each seed was never truly possible.  Until now.  Seed-Squirter® has changed the reality of planter liquid [...]

Valley Agro Services

Booth 508

NECO has designed an elite dryer with state of the art user-interface, components and moisture control. This screenless, mixed-flow dryer features the user-friendly [...]

Pentair – Hypro

Booth 1430 and 1431

Duo React is a pneumatically actuated single and a 4-way nozzle body incorporated into one compact unit. The Duo React nozzle bodies eliminate the need for twin lines [...]

Pentair – Hypro

Booth 1430 and 1431

  9310 Series ForceField Centrifugal Pump – This wet seal technology pump provides ultimate protection of the mechanical seal against dry run conditions or [...]

Pentair – Hypro

Booth 1430 and 1431

The 3D spray nozzle was developed using over 10 years of application and wind tunnel research to optimize the droplet spectrum and spray incline to provide maximum [...]


Booth 923

Moocall HEAT offers a unique approach to heat detection by placing an eartag on every cow and a battery powered collar attached to the bull. Using a combination of the [...]


Booth 1901

Next Level Draper Performance – Designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations, from the Active Float System to the remarkable [...]


Booth 1901

D1XL Series Draper Headers – Super-sized Harvesting Performance – MacDon harvesting performance is now available on an extra-large scale with the all-new [...]


Booth 1901

M1 Series Windrower – Next Level Windrower Performance M1 Series Windrowers continue MacDon’s tradition of bringing harvesting innovation to the field. These [...]


Booth 1026

Gallagher’s new touch screen scales and data collection systems at Manitoba Ag Days This new line of Touch Screen Livestock Scales is about usability which is strongly [...]


Booth 613 to 615

Authority Supreme is a soil applied, pre-emergent that combines two modes of action for extended control of tough to kill grass and broadleaf weeds....

CropPro Consulting

Booth 1346

SWAT MAPS / SWATBOX SWAT MAPS is CropPro’s variable rate seed and fertilizer prescription service for Western Canadian farmers. It’s foundation is based on Soil, Water, [...]

ATP Nutrition

Booth 652 and 652A

Soygreen – Fighting Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) has just got easier!  IDC has significantly reduced yield in iron sensitive crops such as soybeans, dry [...]

Agtron Enterprises Inc.

Booth 1215

With multiple products delivered into the same air stream, how do you know if one of the products stops due to meter failure, cavitation or other issue? Even if you [...]

AgCon Equipment Ltm.

Booth 1432

The Posi-Track RT-30 is ASV’s smallest compact track loader that is 48” wide, ideal for landscaping, working in barns and anywhere you need versatility and power in a [...]

A.R.K. New Tech Ltd

Booth 812

The Farm Fans Quiet Dryer is 50% quieter than vane axial portable dryers. Not only is this dryer quieter, but it produces a more comfortable, less harsh tone.  [...]