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  • Agdays 2018: January 16, 17 and 18 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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Glen Blahey – Being Grain Safe – Episode 1

Glen has extensive work experience in the field of agricultural safety an health since 1981. He has worked in regulatory enforcement for the Manitoba Department of Labour, and participated in many national and international farm safety and health related activities.

Currently he is working with CASA, providing expertise on a variety of national agriculture, health and safety initiatives.

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Angela Fox – Because I Love You – Episode 2

Angela Fox lost her husband in a farm accident. After the loss she created the “Because I Love You List.”

She is the owner and operator of Steadfast Ranch where she is raising her beautiful family.

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Dan Knapp – STARS – Episode 3

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Curtis Weber – Triumph Over Tragedy, A Personal Journey – Episode 4

A young teen from small town Saskatchewan had his life taking him exactly where he had always dreamed it would take him. Instead on his third day of a new job at the age of 17, Curtis found himself in a battle of life or death as over 40,000 volts of electricity surged through his body.

Curtis uses his own personal experience of a near fatal workplace incident to tell his story. Join Curtis as he takes you on his journey and challenges how you think about safety.

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Tere Styalo – Farm Transition – Episode 5

Tere Stykalo is a regional ag leader with MNP LLP.

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40 Years of Ag Days Success – Episode 6

You may have seen them here first? Come celebrate 40 years of Ag Days Success as we hear from 4 former Ag Days Inventor Showcase Winners of their passion and experience in ground breaking change in the agriculture industry as we have a look at where they are now and the role Manitoba Ag Days played in their success.


  • Steve Antaya, Program Director, CKLQ Communications Group
  • Matt Reimer, Owner, Reimer Robotics
  • Kim Keller, Former Co-owner / Co-founder, Farm at Hand
  • Adam Reid, Marketing Manager, Versatile
  • Perry Gryde, Territory Manager, Honeybee Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Greg Blaszczak, VP Sales and Customer Service, Seed Hawk

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David Derwin – Precision Farming For Your Marketing Plan – Episode 7

David Derwin is a portfolio manager with PI Financial Corp. Over the past 20 years, he has worked with individual, corporate & institutional clients at multinational and boutique investment firms.

Today, David sees a need to help farm businesses protect their grain & livestock revenue, manage their market risk and balance their investments.

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Peter Manness – Risky Business – Episode 8

Peter Manness is a member of MNP’s Farm Management Consulting group, delivering management consulting services for primary agricultural producers. With firsthand knowledge of agricultural production, he understands the challenges the agriculture sector faces today and works with farmers on business and strategic planning, farm financial planning, farm transition planning and cost of production analysis.

A Professional Agrologist, Peter has worked in the industry for over 10 years and has a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from the University of Manitoba. Peter grew up on a mixed farm near Domain, Manitoba.

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Shawn Cabak – How to Extend Your Grazing Season in Manitoba – Episode 9

Shawn has worked with Manitoba Agriculture across the Province since the early 1990’s and is currently the Livestock Specialist in the Portage La Prairie office focusing on livestock and forage.

He is active in the Portage area belonging to a number of associations. Shawn is involved with the Manitoba Beef Forage Initiative in Brandon leading the Extensive Wintering Project.

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Brian Perillat – Record Rally, Record Decline, Now What? – Episode 10

Brian Perillat grew up on a mixed farming operation near Duck Lake Saskatchewan, and continues to be involved with the family farm. Brian earned an undergraduate and Master’s Degree in agriculture economics from the University of Saskatchewan.

Prior to working at Canfax, Brian worked as a livestock production economist with Alberta Agriculture, and also spent over 4 years working with MNP as a farm management consultant. Brian is the Canfax manager, and is committed to collecting and delivering independent cattle market information.

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Scott Day – From the Souris Valley to the Silicon Valley – Episode 11

Scott will be sharing his experiences as part of a farmland investment and management company based out of San Francisco, USA.

Fall Line Capital invests in farmland across the USA with the intent of improving the land through better agronomy, installing irrigation and drainage, encouraging unique crops and implementing conservation ag practices wherever possible.

Their goal is to work with local farmer to manage their farms and do whatever is needed to improve soil quality while maximizing income.

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Big Data & Precision Agriculture – Episode 12

Join us for a panel discussion on big data and precision agriculture. The panel will explore some burning questions such as: How can we use the data we are collecting on our farms?

Has it improved productivity, profitability and marketing? Who owns and controls the data you are collecting? Learn about different ways of integrating farm management decisions using your own information.


Brenda Tjaden Lepp – Co-founder / CEO , Farmlink Marketing Solutions
Wade Barnes – President / CEO, Farmers Edge
Mitch Rezansoff – Integrated Solutions Manager, Enns Brothers



Matthew Johnson – Podcast 13

Matthew Johnson is the owner of M3 Aerial Productions, a Winnipeg-based aerial imaging company that utilizes UAVs (drones) to gather data for precision agriculture, and other applications.

As a service provider, M3 Aerial Productions uses fixed wing and multi-rotor UAVs for investigative, and forensic data gathering of crops. This aerial data can be interpreted and processed by various software applications in order to provide NDVI crop health analysis maps, digital elevation models, 3D volumetric calculations, and a number of other functions.

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Keith Gabert – Sclerotinia, The Other White Combine – Episode 14

Keith brings more than 20 years of crop production experience in the Prairies to his role as a Canola Council Agronomy Specialist, with a background in pesticide research & development, canola seed production, variety testing and most recently five years of crop input retail sales.

Experience growing a wide range of crops and controlling a wider range of weeds spills over for Keith into entomology where with the Canola Council he has taken on the specializations of insect crop pest management and sclerotinia management.

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Brent Elliott – Protect the Quality of Your Stored Grain – Episode 15

Brent has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with specialization in entomology from the University of Manitoba.

A Masters of Science in entomology from the University of Manitoba. Brent worked for Manitoba Agriculture from 1998 until 2001 before moving over to the Canadian Grain Commission.

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Drew Lerner – Will the Weather Extremes Persist on the Prairies? – Episode 16

Drew Lerner is President and Senior Agricultural Meteorologist of World Weather, inc. Drew has been forecasting international weather for 35 years and supports the agricultural industry by providing detailed short and long range weather predictions for each major crop area in the world.

His daily assessments of crop and weather expectations supports commodity market trade and helps many companies and farmers make better agricultural business decisions.

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John Heard – Benefits of Pulse Crops in the Rotation – Episode 17

John has served as the soil fertility extension specialist for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development and previously with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food in extension and field crop research. He has a B. Sc. Agr. in Crop Science from the University of Guelph and M.S. in Soil Science for Purdue University.

Currently John is Chair of the MB Soil Fertility Advisory Committee and Vice Chair of the Manitoba Soil Science Society.

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Dr. Don Flaten – Are All Phosphates Created Equal? – Episode 18

Don Flaten is a Professor in the Department of Soil Science at the U of M, where he specializes in crop nutrition and nutrient management teaching and research, with a focus on agricultural phosphorus management from agronomic and environmental points of view.

Prior to joining the Department of Soil Science on a full-time basis, Don was Director of the School of Agriculture at the U of M, as well as Provincial Soils Specialist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and a District Agriculturist for Alberta Agriculture.

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Managing Wheat Classes Profitably – Episode 19

What new considerations are now in play for producers?

The “Managing Wheat Classes Profitably” panel discussion moderated by Brent VanKoughnet from the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association will combine the views of; a farm manager, a grain marketer and an agronomist to explore the potential management choices and opportunities for farmers within the new classification landscape


Fred Greig – Producer / Owner & Operator, Avondale Seeds, Reston, Manitoba
Jason Voogt – Agronomist, Owner / Operator, Field 2 Field Agronomy Inc.
Lynne Sweeney – Assistant Vice President – Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Richardson International

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Dr. John Gavloski – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Episode 20

John is an extension entomologist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Carman. He conducts monitoring programs for some of Manitoba’s major insect pests and provides information on insects and insect management to producers and those working in agriculture.

He has worked for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development since 1997. John has a bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and a M. Sc. in entomology from the University of Guelph, and completed his Ph.D. in the department of entomology at the University of Manitoba.

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Holly Derksen – Navigating the Fungal Jungle: Disease Update – Episode 21

Holly is the field crop pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture. She works with pulse, cereal, oilseeds, and forage diseases. She has been with MB Agriculture since 2011 and works out of the Carman office.

You may recognize her from previous Ag Days talks, the Crop Diagnostic School, or that time she dressed up as blackleg for Halloween and Pam de Rocquigny tweeted it.

Holly lives in Winkler with her husband and two children.

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