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Where are they now?

Inventor's Showcase award winners from the past will be highlighted with stories of their successes after Ag Days.

Inventor’s Showcase Winner 2015

AgChemExpert –

After being awarded the inventors showcase first place award 2015, AgChemExpert was graciously exposed to the Western Canadian agricultural industry thanks to MB AgDaysThis award attracted new and expanded interest in AgChemExpert. With strategic growth and enhanced customer service in mind, AgChemExpert became a part of Univar Canada in November 2015. This opportunity enables AgChemExpert to take advantage of enhanced capital, manpower & support to further improve our footprint and enhanced features that AgChemExpert members have experienced in the past. AgChemExpert will maintain its non-biased, broad-spectrum approach to product choice selection. A new version of AgChemExpert will soon be released and can be found at or A sincere thank you to MB AgDays for allowing AgChemExpert to be showcased and to give it wings.

More Inventors

Inventor’s Showcase Winner 2012


Devloo Roto Mud Scrapers Out of a need for maintaining consistent seed depth on our own farm, My Dad Gerry invented the cup shaped rotating mud scraper. Since then [...]

Inventor’s Showcase Winner 2011


Curry Industries – Poly Fastener grain bag zipper sealer There is much to the story including MB AG Days,  Western Producer pre Award article (2010) resulting in [...]

Inventor’s Showcase Winner 2009


Triple Star Mfg. Ltd. – Auger Steer Since we won Inventors Showcase in 2009, we have completed the patent for the invention of a steering system for tractor-drawn [...]