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  • Agdays 2018: January 16, 17 and 18 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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New Inventions

Be sure to check out exhibitors that will be showcasing their New Inventions at the 2017 show. They can be found by their signage identifying them as well as the listing in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the two exhibitors will be awarded First and Second Prize.

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Booth 1828

Bio-Sul Premium Plus – The product is elemental sulphur that is blended with finished compost. Typically elemental sulphur is manufactured into pastilles with bentonite clay which is spread onto the soil surface in the fall for the following spring i.e. Tiger 90 or Keg River. In our process, the compost serves to break down the elemental sulphur which in it’s raw form comes out of the sour gas in the oilfield in almost a mineral like state.  The compost breaks down the hard material, reduces the dusting and risk of fire typically associated with elemental sulphur.  We also believe that the microbial activity is having some net benefit to the whole process of turning elemental sulphur into sulphate in the soil, a form of nutrient which is available to the plant! From a farmers point of view, we can take this unique product which is very cost efficient, spread it in large amounts on the soil in the spring or fall for that year’s crop, and get our source of sulphur from that for many years.  We project the product can meet the sulphur needs of all of producers crops for the next 4 to 6 years at the rates we are using.  Conversion of elemental sulphur to sulphate is a function of moisture, temperature, oxygen and particle size.  What this means is that the better the growing conditions, the more conversion you will get.  Also the variable particle size inherent in our product means that the finer particles in the application will convert almost immediately, and the larger and larger particles will convert more slowly over time.  Therefore we can afford to put a large amount of S in the “bank” and let it become available when it is most needed.  It does not leach or become mobile in the soil until it converts. Getting ammonium sulphate out of the seeders for producers is a big win, since it’s a bulky, troublesome fertilizer to handle.  This greatly improves a farmers logistics on their farm.

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Remote Control Vertical Stock Gate

Booth 1832 and 1833

Remote controlled gate which pivots upwards to allow a sixteen foot wide opening. Allows the operator to remain in the tractor at all times when feeding stock. Great [...]

Evolution Wheel – Original

Booth 1831

The Evolution Wheel – Original – Serviceable Solid Tire for a Skid Steer Loader with the largest treads in the industry and a cushioned ride....

The Calf Cage

Booth 1803 and 1804

A safe and quick way to capture and process newborn calfs on range pasture...

Combine Cylinder Reverser

Booth 1801

Our product allows for the combines cylinder to be reversed using hydraulics and a custom engineered wrench, which when not in use conveniently stores in its own [...]

Front Sprayer Mount for Zero Turn

Booth 1840

Zero Spray is an innovative sprayer that mounts in minutes on various brands of Zero Radius Mowers on the market today. It is easier to operate than most sprayers as [...]

Copperhead Ag Closing Wheels

Booth 1829

Copperhead Ag Closing WheelsThe Furrow Cruiser allows young roots to penetrate sidewalls, and fits into your existing closing wheel hubs. The angular tooth design of [...]

The Defender Pump Guard

Booth 1830

The Defender Pump Guard is a cabinet designed to prevent fuel theft and pump vandalism. Models are available with solar power....

The BinKnocker

Booth 1826

A device to monitor product levels in metal bins safely and easily from the ground....

The Moocall calving sensor

Booth 1805

The Moocall calving sensor monitors your cows contractions and sends you a notification one hour before she is due to calve. Purpose is to help monitor your cows at [...]

STOCKade ST400i Fence Stapler

Booth 1839

The ST400i is the worlds first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and more safer for the fencer/farmer/rancher. End users [...]

Devloo Canola Crusher

Booth 305AIS

To improve the process of testing canola for green seeds with a time saving more convenient method. The unit is portable ,weight 12 lb. measures 7 by 10 by 14 inches....

Bio Mulcher

Booth 1842

The BioMulcher Organic Waste Composter crushes bones by mechanically breaking down and aggressively mixing the mortalities with an available carbon source such as [...]

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Booth 1828

Bio-Sul Premium Plus – The product is elemental sulphur that is blended with finished compost. Typically elemental sulphur is manufactured into pastilles with [...]