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  • AgDays 2019: January 22, 23 and 24 - 9am to 5pm Daily

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New Inventions

Be sure to check out exhibitors that will be showcasing their New Inventions at the 2019 show. They can be found by their signage identifying them as well as the listing in the show guide. All qualifying entries are judged and the two exhibitors will be awarded First and Second Prize.

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

Booth 1828

Bio-Sul Premium Plus – The product is elemental sulphur that is blended with finished compost. Typically elemental sulphur is manufactured into pastilles with bentonite clay which is spread onto the soil surface in the fall for the following spring i.e. Tiger 90 or Keg River. In our process, the compost serves to break down the elemental sulphur which in it’s raw form comes out of the sour gas in the oilfield in almost a mineral like state.  The compost breaks down the hard material, reduces the dusting and risk of fire typically associated with elemental sulphur.  We also believe that the microbial activity is having some net benefit to the whole process of turning elemental sulphur into sulphate in the soil, a form of nutrient which is available to the plant! From a farmers point of view, we can take this unique product which is very cost efficient, spread it in large amounts on the soil in the spring or fall for that year’s crop, and get our source of sulphur from that for many years.  We project the product can meet the sulphur needs of all of producers crops for the next 4 to 6 years at the rates we are using.  Conversion of elemental sulphur to sulphate is a function of moisture, temperature, oxygen and particle size.  What this means is that the better the growing conditions, the more conversion you will get.  Also the variable particle size inherent in our product means that the finer particles in the application will convert almost immediately, and the larger and larger particles will convert more slowly over time.  Therefore we can afford to put a large amount of S in the “bank” and let it become available when it is most needed.  It does not leach or become mobile in the soil until it converts. Getting ammonium sulphate out of the seeders for producers is a big win, since it’s a bulky, troublesome fertilizer to handle.  This greatly improves a farmers logistics on their farm.

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Dave’s Welding Shop

Booth 1821 and 1822

A simple towable machine that pulls a large steel “Bullet” to depths as deep as 5′ to create underground drainage tunnels providing underground [...]


Booth 1827

The STOCKade ST400i is the worlds’ first 4mm 9 gauge cordless power fencing stapler that makes fencing better, faster, safer.  The ST400i is a cordless, portable, [...]

Soaring Eagle

Booth 1819 and 1820

The ultimate swinging drive over, not just a swing auger, not just a drive over, but an ultimate swinging drive over that is designed to drive over, swing from hopper [...]

Scher Gain

Booth 1825

Our product, Scher Gain, has been developed as a safe, easy, and fast way to measure combine losses. With todays’ large horsepower combines many growers are throwing [...]

The BinKnocker

Booth 1826

The BinKnocker is a very simple tool to measure product levels inside of metal grain, fertilizer and frac sand bins from the ground on the outside of the bin. It is [...]


Booth 1828

BushelPlus is a remote controlled drop pan system that attaches to any combine without wiring. The operator has the choice of two different drop pan sizes that fit in [...]

Prairie Grain Analyzers

Booth 1831

Prairie Grain Analyzers is the manufacturer of the first Canadian, portable, digital moisture analyzer. The MA-404 moisture analyzer provides precise moisture and meter [...]

Cooperhead Closing Wheel

Booth 1838

Copperhead Ag produces the best, research and time proven closing wheels in the agriculture industry. Invented by farmers, tested by farmers, Copperhead Ag closing [...]


Booth 305AIS

The Devloo canola crusher is the fastest, most convenient way to check green count in canola seed. It is compact, portable and easy to use, requires no batteries or [...]


Booth 1817 and 1818

ROGA Drone is the first company in Canada to receive a Special Flight Operating Certificate from Transport Canada for aerial application of pesticide by UAV. The Kray [...]

Dugout to RO

Booth 1830

Utilizing a process that was perfected over a 12-year span the Dugouts-to RO system converts surface ground water i.e. dugouts into affordable, safe, clean, potable [...]


Booth 1829

Wick Applicator – The product was designed to control weeds that stand taller than the crop that is being grown. it allows producers to apply chemical to targeted [...]

Tide Industries

Booth 1824

Zero Spray fits on the front of most common brands of Zero Turn mowers. It comes fully assembled and pressure tested from factory. It mounts easily without any [...]


Booth 1823

The Wilson Pacesetter equipped with the AgriLite conveyor system provides farmers and coops with a year round, time and money saving piece of equipment.  Fill air [...]