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Innovation Showcase

TerraFormer 8650

448 & 449

Ag Shield Mfg.

Move dirt fast and efficiently with the new TerraFormer 8650. Its industrial design boosts state of the art engineering and manufacturing technology. With the introduction of the Terraformer the new standard for earth moving equipment in the industry is now set! Coming in at just over 30,000 pounds the 8650 can penetrate the hardest ground. Equipped with GPS, Auto Slope and Grade Control, the accuracy of earth work is measured in fractions of an inch. With hydraulics, the blades can be configured from a V shape for continual earth moving, to a straight pull blade for land planning. With the end wings in the forward position the 8650 can capture up to 27 yards of earth in a single pass. Transporting the TerraFormer from one work sit to another is very safe with its ultra low specific gravity and 12’3” transport width. If you are contouring farmland, site prepping, building roads or a mining operation, the TerraFormer 8650 is for you.

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Farm Safety

The Wheel Wrangler

904 Flynn Arena (formerly Kinsmen Arena)

Handle all your large tire changes the easy way with a front-end loader or forklift. The wheel wrangler is designed to remove and replace big tires off all types of [...]

Farm Built Solutions

Puratein® canola protein

610 Brandon Curling Club

Merit is producing the world’s first high-purity, food-grade non-GMO canola protein. As a new plant protein source, our line up of Puratein® canola protein present [...]

Agribusiness Services


1732 Barn 3

ForeSite is a predictive modelling platform that helps agronomist prioritize at scale if when, and where to scout by providing a 10 day heads up on crop growth and need [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Haulmaster 2300

1906 Westoba Ag Centre Showroom

The Haulmaster 2300-bushel grain cart can achieve an additional 13% capacity per load over our 2000 bushel grain cart. This allows it to fill a Super B with a single [...]


Synergro M2

652 Brandon Curling Club

Synergro M2 is a biostimulant metabolite product that is produced from a microbial consortium from compost. Synergro M2 improves nutrient use efficiency while reducing [...]

Ag Tech

NutriScan 2.0

652 Brandon Curling Club

NutriScan is a hand-held, diagnostic soil testing technology that is revolutionizing the way we test soil. It gives you access to a complete soil test (soil [...]

Ag Tech


1824 Barn 4

SolGrader is the quickest way to predict the yield of your potato crop at any field location. The SolGrader app allows users to take photos of potatoes in the field [...]


Utrisha N

660 Brandon Curling Club

Utrisha N is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant. Its natural bacteria captures nitrogen from the air and converts it into a useable form for the plant, resulting in a [...]

Ag Tech

WEED-IT Quadro

1817 Barn 4

WEED-IT detects chlorophyll in actively growing weeds in fallow fields, identifying and targeting them with high accuracy. By applying crop protection products where [...]

Agriculture Equipment


1909 Westoba Ag Centre Showroom

The hydraulic frame adjust 3335QDA PHD™ Series is available with the ground-breaking AccuSet™ on-the-go seed depth adjustment option. To adapt to the [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The Ultra SR

1908 Westoba Ag Centre Showroom

At 60 feet wide with 750 bushels of total capacity, the Ultra SR increases maneuverability and contours to the land to ensure precise seed and fertilizer placement. The [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Spiral design that gives you a steady continual flow of product to make for a more consistent plant stand and product distribution. This eliminates the pulsation of [...]

Animal and Livestock

Pea Cream is a new-to-Canada, liquid livestock feed produced at the Portage pea protein plant using wet pea pulp/concentrated pea soluble. Pea Cream offers producers a [...]

Ag Tech


1843 Barn 4

Air Seeder Bluetooth tank pressure monitor that alerts us if pressure is being restricted, as well as acts as an open lid indicator with an alarm. Real-Time tank [...]

Ag Tech

Exhaust+ is the simplest exhaust fan solution to remove head-space humidity from your in-bin drying process. The ladder mount design allows for quick install and easily [...]

Farm Safety

“THE NORM” Truck Safety Fill Spout

401 City Square Exhibition Hall

“Truck Filling Spout attaches to 7”-10″Augers. When the truck is filled up to the Spouts Sensor, an Audio Alarm sounds. Tells the truck driver to move [...]



1818 Barn 4

NEW REGISTRATION: The problem of Kochia has plagued pulse producers for years, and is getting worse as Kochia has developed resistance to existing solutions. TOUGH is a [...]

Agriculture Equipment


1722 - 1724 Barn 3

Triple Green Products has developed and tested a better way of drying your grain without the use of propane or natural gas and the high cost associated with these [...]



1842 Barn 4

Timac Agro Canada’s Top-Phos is a patented groundbreaking technology that offers a new and exclusive form of monocalcium phosphate as compared to traditional forms of P [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Air Missile

1850 Barn 4

The Air Missile adapts to the in-place aeration system in most hopper bottom bins and allows air to flow to the top of the bin allowing for greater aeration, or when [...]

Agriculture Equipment


1831 Barn 4

The ThunderDryer is an extremely efficient, portable grain dryer that is able to dry grain inside the farmers bins. When paired with the Air Missile, no grain turning [...]

Farm Built Solutions


1804 & 1805 Barn 4

Never has there been a quick and easy device that drastically changes the control of a tractor. In 5 minutes, you are operating your favorite auger tractor from [...]

Farm Safety

Camera Arm

1811 - 1813 Barn 4

Michel’s Camera Arms C/W a camera mounted to a spring loaded arm which pops up when the tarp system is opened and is retracted under the protection of the tarp when the [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Double Wall Aluminum Grain Box

817 Enns Brothers Arena

The double wall grain box is the next step in light weight manufacture of grain boxes, putting more grain in the box on every load. Cut fuel costs and save time with [...]


Soileos Micronutrients are activated by microbial activity in your soils. The cellulose substrate gets digested, and through this natural process micronutrients are [...]



1822 Barn 4

PhycoTerra® is the flagship product of Heliae® Agriculture, a pioneering algal tech company focused on scalable regenerative agriculture solutions. PhycoTerra®, a [...]

Agriculture Equipment


1819 Barn 4

The TrenchR is a machine that creates a drain to prevent ponding of water in the field. It is designed to be quick and easy to use, creating long lasting trenches that [...]

Farm Safety

Multi Drop Pan Concept

1727 & 1728 in Barn 3

Our team has found an innovative way to design, patent & build a MULTI drop pan carrier that can hold more than one droppan at a time. Like a magazine of a gun, you [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The Vale Grain Giant is a 6500 bushel field bin designed to maximize harvest efficiency and increase safety on high-volume farms. The Grain Giant is leading the harvest [...]