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The MeterVeyor is a patented metering device for grain hopper bins. Its purpose is to control the flow of grain to accurately meter out required load sizes or to control flow at a set rate for treating and processing operations.

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The MeterVeyor is a patented metering device for grain hopper bins. Its purpose is to control the flow of grain to accurately meter out required load sizes or to [...]

Ag Tech

A web-based app combined with bin instrumentation that gives any aeration bin the feel of a built for purpose grain drying system. The farmer can access hourly [...]

Farm Built Solutions

Duck Foot

1711 & 1712

The Duck Foot is a quick attach paddle that slides over the existing tine on a header. It helps clear the cutter bar, decreasing header loss and feeds the combine more [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The new AFS Connect Magnum, built on our legendary Magnum platform, has technology embedded in the completely redesigned cab featuring our new AFS 1200 monitor and AFS [...]



616 & 617

CENTURO works by slowing the conversion of ammonium to nitrate and can hold the nitrogen in the ammonium form three times longer than without an inhibitor, opening the [...]


652, 652A, 653 and 673

The NutriScan is a diagnostic real-time technology that monitors the nutrient status of the soil. – Determines general soil properties, macro and micronutrients [...]

Crystal Green

687 & 688

Crystal Green is sustainably recovered phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium in one powerful slow release granule (5-28-0-10Mg). Backed by more than 8 years of university [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Wind Control and Argus Twin smart combined. For Automatic matching of the optimum lateral distribution of Granular Fertilizer....

Bindapt + is an intelligent heater solution with integrated real-time data monitoring. Bindapt + is the smartest way to dry your grain yourself. The system is [...]


ALPINE F18 Max™ a new and improved foliar nutritional product, comprised of essential plant nutrients, fully chelated micronutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents, [...]

Ag Tech

Recon SpreadSense® is the industry’s first blockage monitor for floaters. The acoustic sensors listen to the material flow. The sound pulses travel through auditory [...]

Engage® Zone Control was custom designed and built for John Deere 1910 Air Carts to save on input costs. The section control system can be retrofitted to the existing [...]

Animal and Livestock

The Serca Fence strainer is the EASIEST to use wire fence straining tool. Safety rated chain tensioning tool with integrated wire gauge and spring loaded wire grips [...]

The TireGrabber

1824 & 1825

The TireGrabber is a unique invention designed to easily attach to any existing hydraulic system and provide a user friendly method of safely and efficiently handling [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Semi auto toter, for filling totes (bulk bags) with grains. Reduced labor, tote (bag) densification, auto controls in feed, adjustability, customization, flexability, [...]

Ag Tech

Directed Scouting from Granular Insights allows farmers to identify at-risk fields faster and protect yield by delivering actionable insights. Fields most in need of [...]

Combyne is an online network of grain buyers and sellers through which you can create a personalized Marketplace of both your trusted trading partners and the local [...]

Ag Tech

Mobile App compliments the Bushel Plus System. Ability to calcualte your harvest loss/ac within seconds, save your results, machine settings & crop conditions. [...]


The Spornado is a simple passive spore catcher & is placed in the field and traps airborne spores on a specialized filter cassette. Spornado testing currently [...]

Agriculture Equipment

The Boomerang Chaff Cart is a new machine designed to address the needs of Canadian livestock producers. It captures chaff to use as a feed source, either in field, or [...]

Agriculture Equipment

Texas Refinery Corp has developed a cold weather grease that will pump and perform below -40°C as an NLGI #2 grade grease and performs equally as well during the summer [...]

Move dirt fast and efficiently with the new TerraFormer 8650. Its industrial design boosts state of the art engineering and manufacturing technology. With the [...]

Sabre Clamp

1801 & 1802

The AIRGUARD Sabre Clamp is the ultimate clamping system to ensure that your air seeder hoses stay where they should be. Our patented technology uses teeth to bite into [...]

Gallagher’s latest range of fence energizers has taken flexibility to a new level, giving producers three options when it comes to powering their units: 110v/plug-in, [...]


1836 & 1843

Agrirepel is an additive in bale and silage wrap. It is the only all-natural bird, raccoon and rodent repellent plastic storage film in the world. Agrirepel saves [...]

Setter Manufacturing Division is please to carry Northern Strands patent pending fall protection system.  It is a cutting edge product designed to protect [...]