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Innovation Showcase

Flexxifinger Advanced feeding system (Patent Pending)

Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc.

An innovation that adapts a regular combine or swather finger reel header to an advanced feeding batt reel with, either the solid batt for sunflower harvesting or the brush batts for short, light crop harvesting such as lentils or light beans, etc.

Flexxifinger® Sweep™ 

Sweep your fields clean

  • Brushes can be attached to each or any section of your pickup reel
  • All aluminum frames
  • Strong, long lasting brushes can be replaced separately of main framework
  • Sweeps lighter crops onto the header
  • Works great on lighter, feathery crops that are normally hard to feed with a finger reel
  • Quick attach detach system
  • Allows you to run the reel fingers just a bit higher, this should reduce the amount of rocks flipped up
  • For lentils, light barley and other crops, get the maximum amount of your crop into the combine with a set of Flexxifinger crop lifters combined with the Flexxifinger®Sweep™ at random positions across your header.

 Flexxifinger® Advanced Feeding™attachment

  • Current Auger or Draper headers are of the finger type to pull crop into the knife and onto the header. This system works great for many, but not all, types of crops.
  • Flexxifinger has developed an ADVANCED FEEDING SYSTEM!!
  • This Advanced Feeding System mounts on to your current finger reel.
  • The Advance Feeding System is a specially designed set of reel batts that custom mount directly on to your current finger reel and will dramatically improve harvesting of sunflowers while significantly reducing flower loss due to fingers piercing the flower heads as well as grabbing stems with heads and flinging them forward or backwards over the header. The Advanced Feeding System has a curvature that pulls and pushes the sunflower stock into the knife as opposed to just pulling on the head of the sunflower.
  • The Advanced Feeding reel batts are made of aluminum and are anodized to help in glare reduction and extra wear protection. As with all Flexxifinger products, usability and longevity are built in.
  • The Advanced Feeding System can easily be removed and re-installed after the initial custom fitting has been done.
  • The Advanced Feeding System combined with the Flexxifinger sunflower harvest pans make a great cost-efficient way to harvest sunflowers with any regular grain (bean) header.

For more info please contact us at: or on the phone at: 306-642-4555 

 1-800-925-1510  Canada       1-800-544-8512  USA          +49-(0)40-874-0881  Europe



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