2020 Speaker Series

Hear from the speakers of Manitoba Ag Days 2020.


Each year we strive to bring in the most relevant, up to date, informational speakers possible to Manitoba Ag Days and 2020 was no exception.

We could not put on such a world class speaking event if it were not for our partnerships with FCC, MNP, Manitoba Agriculture, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and the Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Association and the presenters themselves. We thank you for partnering with us for our 2020 Show!

We’ve recorded a majority of the talks of speakers from Manitoba Ag Days 2020 below so you can listen to them at your leisure.

The Crystal Ball of Cattle Markets – Brian Perillat

On the Frontiers of Regenerative – Ag Scott Chalmers

What Really Matters in Grain Markets, Today and Tomorrow – Jonathan Driedger

Wheat Breeding for the Canadian Prairies – Santosh Kumar

Regenerative Ag: The Soil Biological Approach – Kris Nichols

How do we Adapt to Changing Conditions? – Dr. Alan Moulin & Dr. Taras Lychuk

Mixed Grain Intercropping – Why and How – Lana Shaw

Farming Is Risky Business – Peter Manness

A Step Back for New Problems; Tools for Resistant Weeds – Ingrid Kristjanson

The Wild Side of Pest Management – Dr. Alejandro Costamagna

Reaching for the Top! – Anastasia Kubinec

All This Salt is Making me Thirsty! How to Cope With Salinity – Marla Riekman

Cover Crops – Making it Work in Manitoba – Yvonne Lawley

2020 View of Fertilizer Guidelines for Manitoba – John Heard

Modern High Yielding Cropping Systems – Don Flaten

Building a Resilient Soil – Marla Riekman

What’s the Forecast? – Scott Kehler

The 4 R’s of Soil and Water Quality – Stephen Crittenden

Losing the Weed Battle Could Mean Losing the Farm – Tammy Jones

Raising Livestock Under A Magnifying Glass – Dr. Keri Hudson Reykdal

Bio-Sul: The One Millionth Acre – Dan Aberhart

Farmland and the Tax Man – Stino Scaletta

Researching Sustainable Innovations for the Future – Can it Benefit the Consumer? – Craig Davidson

Volatility – How YOUR Cropping Decisions can Help! – Darren Bond

Finding Fairness in Farm Transition – Elaine Froese

Cows, Calves, Cameras and More! – Raymond Bittner

NutriScan – Real Time Soil Diagnostics has Arrived – Jarrett Chambers

Meeting Quality Specifications for Malting Barley Selection – Peter Watts

Canada’s Trade and Market Access – Neil Townsend

Clearing the Confusion on Biostimulants – Jarrett Chambers

Filling the Gaps; My CYL Mentorship – Tyler Fewings

What is YOUR limiting factor? – Patrick Brawner

Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Update – Fred Greig

Innovative Hiring: The Value of YOUR Work Force – Kristjan Hebert

Breaking YOUR Yield Barrier. Considerations for an Ambitious Yield Target – Warren Ward – Angela Brackenreed

Clubroot – The Silver Bullet…..A Shotgun – Dan Orchard + Justine Cornelsen

Agriculture; More than Cows, Sows and Plows

AI in Ag is More Than What it Used to Mean – Teresa Vallotton

Producer Panel: We’ve Got the Data, Now What? – Adam Gurr + Mark Keating

Digital Scouting in Agriculture: The Future is Now – Melissa Silvernagle

Return on Investment (How Technology has Changed our Farm and our Bottom Line – Kristjan Hebert

Reinventing the Wheel: Machinery – Past, Present and Future – Spencer Myers

Tough Harvests Teach us Lessons – Angela Brackenreed + Lionel Kaskiw

MNP Panel Discussion – Tere Stykalo

“Trusting the Data”; Proactive use of Soil Moisture Information – Ryan Hutchison

Grasshoppers, Cutworms and Flea beetles: Forecasts, Monitoring and Management – John Gavloski