• AgDays 2022: January 18, 19 and 20 - 9am to 5pm Daily


Hear from the speakers of Manitoba Ag Days 2019.


Each year we strive to bring in the most relevant, up to date, informational speakers possible to Manitoba Ag Days and 2019 was no exception.

We could not put on such a world class speaking event if it were not for our partnerships with FCC, MNP, Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Association, Manitoba Organic Alliance and the presenters themselves. We thank you for partnering with us for our 2019 Show!

We’ve recorded a majority of the talks of speakers from Manitoba Ag Days 2019 below so you can listen to them at your leisure.

Speaker 1: Taylor Carlson – Growing Me – My Global Youth Institute Experience

Speaker 2: Adrienne Ivey – Connecting with Consumers – The True Story of Food

Speaker 3: Jeff Schoenau – To Micro or Not to Micro?

Speaker 4: The Corporate Shed Douglas Arnold – The Corporate Shed

Speaker 5: John Gavloski, Tammy Jones, Holly Derksen – Resistance Management An Integrated Approach?

Speaker 6: John Gehrer – How to Successfully Run a Small Business From Your Farm Shop.

Speaker 7: Michael Poole – Farm Succession Planning – Avoiding Common Tax Mistakes

Speaker 8: David Drozd – Let’s Get Technical

Speaker 9: Jason Steinley – Which Opener Is Right For You?

Speaker 10: Matthew Johnson – Five Major Changes in Drones that will Change Everything!

Speaker 11: Rob Sharkey – We’ve got an App for that!

Speaker 12: Robin Young – Where’s the Beef?

Speaker 13: Sarah Lepp – Got Data – What Now?

Speaker 14: Tere Stykalo – Purchasing Farmland – How to get the Edge on the Competition!

Speaker 15: Tim Clarke – Drought Proofing Your Feed Supply

Speaker 16: Amy Mangin – What’s all the Hype About? – Plant Growth Regulators

Speaker 17: Andrew Friskop – Fusarium Head Blight Management

Speaker 18: Anthony Parker – Value Creation Consultations: What You Should Know

Speaker 19: Brennen Turner – Are you a farm or a hedge fund?

Speaker 20: Cam Daul, Pattie Miller, JoAnne Buth – Opportunities & Challenges in Intl Wheat Markets

Speaker 21: Darren Bond – Farming by Your Numbers

Speaker 22: Kevin Hursh – How To Be a Successful “Medium” Sized Farm

Speaker 23: Rejean Picard – The Fungicide Window for Application – Fusarium Head Blight

Speaker 24:Sharon Ardron – Farm Books – Not Just for Taxes

Speaker 25: Brian Harper – How we use Livestock as a Tool to Heal Degraded Land

Speaker 26: Brooks White – Learning and Growing Through Networks

Speaker 27: Dr. Steve Frey – How Your Farm Management Influences Your Community Resiliency

Speaker 28: Edith Frison – How New Tax on Split Income (TOSI) Rules Affect Your Farming Operation?

Speaker 29: Roy Arnott – Organic Crop Production Costs for 2019

Speaker 30: Ryan Boyd – Learning and Growing through Networks

Speaker 31: Lydia Carpenter – Learning and Growing Through Networks

Speaker 32: Episode 32: Jason Peter, Travis Heide and Stuart McMillan – Producer Panel

Speaker 33: David Meilke – Oil Market Forecast

Speaker 34: Dennis Lange – Manitoba Field Peas , Past, Present, and Future

Speaker 35: Tammy Jones – Stack, Rotate or Layer: Strategies for Managing Herbicide Resistant Weeds.

Speaker 36: Lorne Grieger – Cut your Losses at the Front End

Speaker 37: Bruce Burnett – Mother Nature the Silent Storm in the Markets

Speaker 38: Rob Paola – What’s Ahead Weather Wise for 2019

Speaker 39: John Heard – Matching Soil Moisture and Fertilization Strategies

Speaker 40: Pam Iwanchysko – Planning Your Grazing System From the Ground Up!

Speaker 41: David Lobb – Tillage Challenges Facing Agriculture